Seductiveface is a new company with a  revolutionary & daring, cosmetics concept. Its conception went something like this:

Two guys tired of having regular jobs, with extensive world travel and cultural experiences. Armed with the ambition and vision to succeed while living life on our own terms decided to get into the cosmetics and personal care business. We saw how expensive cosmetics are when there is no real reason to. So we decided to provide quality cosmetics at an affordable price. Why not? People deserve great quality at a fair price, not an arbitrary price decided on a whim. 

So we set out to find great quality cosmetics at an affordable price, directly to the consumer, then created a revolutionary concept where the customer wins, every time!

We hopped on a plane and went to several countries looking for the best affordable cosmetics out there. Then developed a great idea to deliver them to you, our customers.

The idea is simply brilliant:

We offer high quality products at an incredible price. A trendy and up-to-date range that will exceed every expectation. We want to inspire you as a customer and give you the experience of our vision: Make the impossible possible while looking fantabulous!

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Our concept is extensive. Lipstick, powder, eye shadows, mascara, nail polish, false eyelashes, masks, accessories, etc. Becoming the “One stop shop” for all your cosmetic needs.

All manufacturing takes place according to EU standard. No products are tested on animals. Large parts of our product range are vegan.

Additional smartness is the fact that Seductiveface is constantly looking for the best products, produced under fair labor conditions and fair trade ethical practices. 


Seductiveface takes great pride in who we are, what we achieved and what we bring you. A strong and clear driving force has defined our own way of doing things: We are confident, flexible, brave enough to try new things and go where others don’t consider it would be worth going.

We dare to be different by staying close to all our employees, collaborators and of course, most importantly; YOU, our valued customer and our reason for being.

We appreciate you choosing our products and encourage you to face the world with great confidence while looking fantabulous.